Memories of a pandemic

#ArxivemlaCovid19. Campaign for the collection of materials as testimonies of the COVID-19.

The museums comprising the Network of Museums of History and Monuments of Catalonia and the Network of Ethnology Museums of Catalonia – including the MhiC – have launched a campaign for the collection of materials that give us heritage references of what the pandemic has supposed…

Press Release

“Memories of a pandemic” is a common project among 22 Catalan museums in order to preserve the testimonies of the oral, written, audiovisual and material memory of the passage of the COVID-19 through our country.

The campaign is addressed to the society in general, from citizens to companies, representatives of citizen groups, public authorities, institutions, NGOs or associations of all kinds.

You can participate in the campaign by contributing photographs, videos, voice messages, documents and objects of the most diverse topics. For example, posters of ‘Closed by COVID-19’; drawings or other materials produced individually or collectively; household objects; new products created by companies or industry to deal with the pandemic; works of art in public space.

In the future, this initiative will be coordinated with the regional reference archives of each participating museum to work together in a complementary manner.

Many of them are participating in the project #ArxivemlaCovid19.

At MhiC we have already began to work on the project and we invite out users to contact: and send their materials.

A first sample is already included in the virtual exhibition, Correspondències de confinament.

We are building the MhiC collection.