MhiC – Museum of the History of Immigration in Catalonia


The MhiC is open to the public since 2004. It is a facility operated by the City of San Adrián and joined the Local Network of Museums of the Province of Barcelona and the Museum Network of the Government of Catalonia . It has a permanent exhibition that offers the public a view of human history in the process of migration from prehistory to the twenty-first century .

Also activities and temporary exhibitions work through a regular program , the migration from various subject areas where multiculturalism is the axis that structures the dialogue between the museum and its users .


The MhiC located in Sant Adria de Besos ( 3.87 km2) municipality located at the mouth of the river Besòs , between the municipalities of Barcelona, ​​Badalona and Santa Coloma de Gramenet , with which it forms an urban continuity .

The history of Sant Adria is tied very closely to migration. It is a city that since the mid- nineteenth century in a remarkable intensifies its industrial character . Among the causes that make a city attractive Sant Adrià for the installation industry in the late nineteenth highlight its proximity to Barcelona , the existence of abundant water power of the river Besòs , good communications : road , rail and tram line and land prices more affordable than in Barcelona and Badalona. These facts lead to rapid industrialization in the city that comes with a major flood of migration from the interior of Catalonia initially ( the first textile workers Baurier Industrial Colony , which began its installation around 1910 in St. Adrian , came from a colony existing Roda de Ter ) but immediately extended to this population origins of the Levant , Aragon , Murcia and Andalusia.

Throughout the twentieth century , the town of Sant Adria enjoys and suffers obvious transformative capacity of immigration, real estate speculation and the creation of districts that could be an alternative to slums suffering Barcelona in the late ’50s , a place where diversity cultural and social workers’ struggle that precedes the transition to democracy.

Now Sant Adria de Besos – like many other cities in Catalonia – Chair is a city of tolerance , coexistence and multiculturalism , that throughout the twentieth century and the efforts of all its citizens , natives and newcomers have made a European city with a very human size where migration is a source of pride .

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