BRAM – Refugee camp


Exhibition: BRAM – Refugee camp

Opening Saturday, September 15th at 11am at MhiC

Between March and September 1939 Agustí Centelles was another inmate in the Bram concentration camp. With the help of the Puyol family he was able to set up a small laboratory inside his barracks. There are about 500 photographic images available that are a vital witness of the “stay” of the Spanish refugees. The photographic material remained unpublished until 1976, when he, accompanied by his companion and friend Eduardo Pons Prades, recovered his archive, made up of some five thousand photographs, which had also remained in exile in Carcassonne.

The exhibition shows a selection of this series from Agustí Centelles’ time in the countryside.


Data Inici:
15 September 2018
Data de Clausura:
30 October 2018
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