The arpilleras’ journey


This virtual exhibition represents a direct relationship between the Fundació Ateneu Sant Roc’s arpilleras and the characteristic permanent exhibition of the MhiC. The arpilleras are a key element that has been developing over the years, with their beginnings as a political manifestation of young women who, in the seventies, did not have many ways to express themselves. Thus, they put their feelings, hopes, and desires into the creation of the arpilleras. This new artistic manifestation has been expanded and reached worldwide fame, and the Fundació Ateneu Sant Roc has maintained a close relationship with the arpilleristas of Chile.

At the Foundation there is currently a stable group of women who, periodically, choose a theme to create a new collection of arpilleras. From their personal experiences or inspired by the social issues that surround them, they create a design full of messages and intrinsic details.

To create this exhibition, arpilleras from three different collections of the Fundació Ateneu Sant Roc have been selected: “Sant Roc, un barri divers” (2011), “Maleta, farcell, arpillera” (2012), and “Arpilleres en acció: Refugiats” (2017).

This virtual exhibition has been curated by Raquel Yafari Herrera, student of the Degree in Humanities at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, thanks to an external internship agreement between the University and the MhiC.


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