Air Raid Shelter of the Placeta Macià – RapM

The Air Raid Shelter, the antenna of MhiC

Logo Refugi Antiaeri Placeta MaciàThe Air Raid Shelter on the Placeta Macià (RapM) is an Adrianese Site of Memory. It originates as a project for the recovery of local historical memory and has an inclusive museological intervention and specific signposting that makes it accessible to visitors, as well as various educational tools designed for school audiences. Its purpose is to carry out activities that reflect on the bombardments of Sant Adrià (then called Pla de Besòs) in 1938, during the Spanish Civil War.

All the programmed activities, both museological and pedagogical, are designed so that any person, whether they have a disability or functional diversity or not, can enjoy the visit to the refuge under equal conditions. This is possible thanks to a series of measures that remove architectural, economic and communication barriers.

RapM promotes intergenerational contact between the children of today and those of 1938, through projections of the documentary made with the Adrianese children of the war, Els nens del Pla de Besòs.

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The Placeta Macià air-raid shelter (RapM) opened its doors as a Site of Memory in January 2008. Since then and until today it has remained free of charge for both individual and guided visits, guaranteeing that anyone can receive the visit under equal conditions, given the inclusive and adapted nature of the resource.

In 2013, the City Council’s culture department decided to promote a cultural project, the RefugiArT, to be added to the Shelter’s memorial offer: this involves holding several sessions a year where the public is offered performing arts, such as theatre, music, dance, poetry, storytelling and magic, at the reduced price of 5 euros. These are held every first Friday of the month (except key events such as theatre festivals or similar, or the coincidence with festivals), excluding July, August and September, to guarantee the comfort of the audience.

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